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Spacial Revolution Chapter 1 Rude Awakening
                                                                 Spacial Revolution 
       The year is 2553, May 7th, UNSC Military Calendar. The Human-Covenant War is finally over; the Big Three, Prophets Regret, Truth, and Mercy have all perished as a result of internal conflict, as well as leading up to an alliance between Humanity and Sangheili Separatists, victorious at the Battle of Installation 00, as well as ending the threat of the intergalactic parasitic life form known as the Flood. The Great Journey was forever thwarted by this alliance, exposed as nothing but a misinterpreted fool’s errand of ancient texts gathered up by the Covenant some centuries before; instead of the Forerunners ascending to god-hood, they had perished in the holy fire the rings wro
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Venezian Footrubs by SpinosaurusDinosaur
Mature content
Venezian Footrubs :iconspinosaurusdinosaur:SpinosaurusDinosaur 10 10
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April Amongst The Triceratons 3
Ah!” cries a startled April as she wakes to what felt like the start of an earthquake. Crawling to side of the bed she reaches down to pull herself onto the floor and under her bed for safety. Only to nearly fall onto the female Triceraton that had been sleeping in the bunk under her.
   Managing to stop herself by digging her fingers into the bed April sighed as she remembered she was still aboard an alien spaceship. Seeing the holes her claw-like nails  had made in her bed she sighed again at the reminder of that she was still a mutant. She realized that the girls in her barracks were waking up and April decided follow the other Triceratons out the room.
   As much as she didn’t want to go along with what Zera had planned for her she knew she didn’t have much of a choice. Resisting would likely get her thrown back in the brig where there was no chance for escape. So playing along and keeping her eyes open was her best bet. With any hope, she
:iconacorntops:acorntops 1 3
April Amongst The Triceratons 2
April is stirred awake by the ship ending it’s hyper speed course. She shakes and rattles on the cold, metal, floor of her prison cell and slowly regains consciousness. At first she doesn’t notice her clawed nails scraping on the floor or how she could barely feel the air on the scaled portions of her skin.
It wasn’t until she sat up and caught her reflection in the polished glass door that she remembered what had happened: the Triceratons, the mutagen, the mutation.
April crawls closer to the glass and studies her reflection. She brings a clawed, scaly hand up to her face and brushes the newly developed pads under her fingers against her still soft cheek. Gingerly, she touches her nose and feels the larger nostrils give under her finger. It was all too much.
April pounds on the glass door and screams for help. The effort almost immediately exhausts her spirits and she quickly gives up. She tries to stand up and looks her whole body over in the mirror.
She first notic
:iconacorntops:acorntops 2 9
It felt an average day in California, or at least my dream's California. I walking back from school to my parents's place, they were not divorced, but there was tension that you could smell. As I was approaching the house and pulling out my keys, I stopped, hearing something in the air, like a series of sounds, only to turn and see something impact with the ground before my eyes. As it impacted, a small very bright flash the I looked down from went off, followed by a mushroom cloud. As soon as that went away, I banged on the door, but no one answered yet. That's when someone called for my attention -some black woman that looked affiliated with the government appeared in the street and was basically ordering me to come over, so I obeyed. She pulled a lever as I asked her what was going on as the road seemed to be lifting out of the ground with her activity as all she said was," Hang on! I'm getting us out of here!"
I then said, "Not with out my parents! My house (which looked like a brick apartment in the dream) is right there!"
As if on Que, the door opened and they came running over, wondering if I was okay and what was the commotion all about. The government lady then answered, "We were just hit by a nuclear weapon -a fragment of the weapon struck back here some feet away. We must evacuate -a retaliatory strike from us is bound to happen any moment."
Hearing this, we knew that there was about to be a nuclear war, and we wondered where should go -if we could pack up first. The G-Woman allowed this, as we ran back into our house and began to pack camping equipment, clothes and etc. Mom was calling her friends as Dad and I packed stuff for mom too. After this was said and done we had everything ready, and put it all in our truck. The lady then said we must leave for the mountains or the country side -somewhere safe so we wouldn't perish when or if more of these weapons s would hit. We then clambered into the truck and sped off -for some reason not everyone got the message, so the roads were surprisingly a bit clear. A long time later, mom had told her friends to rendezvous with us at an unnamed camp recreational park; arriving, the friends also made it about the same time as we all unpacked and discussed what to o, or at least the grown ups did, I just kept my mouth shut and listened. We decided to have lunch, and during that time Dad was acting like a jerkasaurus, and ignoring me too. After a while everyone finished eating, as I was able to finish first and walked around the table a little bit, listening to the conversation. That when I heard pooting come from these lady friends of my mom's, and stomach gurgles, showing they were having bowel troubles or something like that and they were saying we should all sty put for the night that was coming and in my mind, I knew we were going to have to leave the older of her friends behind, knowing they'd slow has down, but I didn't say anything, I figured I'd tell my parents in private first so we could make our own way and find somewhere secluded and safe from what was to come. Then I woke up.
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Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
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I'm a Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus.



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